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Trekking and Hiking in Lebanon

Trekkers in Lebanon

Hikers and trekkers who want to witness the incredible diversity and stunning beauty of Lebanon need look no further than the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT), a 440km path winding north to south through the Lebanese Mountains.

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Looking for “A Million Steps” in Lebanon?

Copies of A Million Steps are on the shelves across Lebanon, available at all major bookstores, including:

  • Virgin Megastore
  • Librarie Internationale
  • Librarie Antoine
  • Librarie El-Bourj
  • Way-In Library
  • Librarie Orientale
  • Malik’s Bookstore

For online sales, visit these websites: or

Availability in the Middle East

The book is now available at The Good Bookshop in Amman, Jordan.

The book is available at Kinokiniya bookstores in the U.A.E.

The book will be increasingly available throughout the Gulf region and other parts of the Middle East. As soon as the shelves are stocked, information on how to purchase A Million Steps will be posted on this page.

You order the book online from Lebanon shipping to the Gulf at:

Distribution in the United States

A Million Steps is now available in the US through Interlink Publishing. You can purchase it online through most online booksellers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders.

Distribution In France

A Million Steps is available in France through the IInstitut Du Monde Arabe . You can call them on 01 40 51 38 38.