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"It would be hard to read Hibri's book ... without feeling the desire to pick up the hiker's 'stick' and head ever upward leaving the city stresses behind. The book is a watershed in the efforts to promote Eco-tourism to a mass audience. The book unfurls the country's peacock-feather-like natural wonders."
- Lebanon Opportunities


“The perfect antidote to cynicism … The book is a guide and an inspiration to take up the cause of nature.”
- Lebanon Opportunities

“If anything is going to make you want to hike the LMT, it is this.”
- The Daily Star

“A vibrant and touching journey that reveals the true beauty of Lebanon and its people, one step at a time.”
- Cedar Wings

“The book … illuminates the rarely seen natural riches of Lebanon.”
- Beyond Magazine

“El-Hibri’s book is but an inspirational taste of the thrills and wonders that await you when you experience the journey first-hand.”
- Today’s Outlook

“Hana fell into the rhythm of the great outdoors.”
- Selections

“… [a] breathtaking feast of a book … Norbert Schiller’s heart-stopping photographs provide intimate, seldom-seen glimpses.”
- Aishti Magazine

“A Hiker’s intimate perspective, appreciating each element of nature like an individual piece of art.”
- Intown

“An inspiration for people to step out of their box and comfort zone, and do something different.”
- Fit’N Style


“A Million Steps, tout comme son auteure, est un livre heureux, serein, accompli. Le texte est leger, les photos a la fois belles et touchantes.”
- L’Orient Le Jour

“C’est le recit d’une belle aventure au coeur du Liban.”
- Femme Magazine

“Le recite de Hana el-Hibri, flanque de photos de vues imprenables, est intime, agreable.”
- Al Balad

“A Million Steps” est une ouvrage … faisant decouvrir la beaute des paysages du Liban.”
- L’Agenda Culturelle


“.تنقل الهبري عبر الكتاب الغني بالصور، تنوع درب الجبل اللبناني وروعة طبيعته ”
- An Nahar

“.مزجت [الكاتبة] بكل بساطة بين الشعر والرسم والحلم ”
- Al Hasnaa

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