The Sunday September 12th article in An Nahar newspaper on A Million Steps


An Nahar Article

You can read a review in the Arts and culture section of the Daily Star

Read the review in the Daily Star

May 5th Book signing in Beirut

The book signing of “A Million Steps” at Bokja in Beirut was a huge success. Family, friends and friends of friends turned out in force. Everybody seemed excited and enthusiastic about the book and many wrote wonderful and touching comments in the guest book.

Signing away at Bokja

You can see more photos from the book signing on the facebook fan page.

Book signing of “A Million Steps”

I am very happy to announce that “A Million Steps” is now available in all major bookstores in Lebanon.

Librarie Internationale
Librairie El-Bourj
Way-In Library
Librairie Orientale

For online sales :

www.tpbooksonline.com or www.lebanontrail.org

Will announce the release in Europe and the Gulf as soon as the stores are stocked.

“A Million Steps” in Book Stores Now

“Hana Hibri discovered her passion for hiking many years ago while on an expedition in the US state of Wyoming. That passion has taken her to the peaks of the Colorado Rockies, the Pyrenees, the Alps and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. But her 2009 experience hiking the distance of Lebanon was her best journey yet”. For more here is the link to the video on Now Lebanon:


Now Lebanon Video

Looking out over Afqa Valley

It’s been a hectic but exciting 11 months. I have been very busy with the monumental task of publishing the book about last year’s Thru-Walk. It has has ironically kept me away from the mountains I love. The good news is, not only is the book going to be released on April 17th, but I am going back to hike on this year’s Thru-Walk. I will be posting blogs again this year and hope you will join me on my new adventure. To find out more about the book become a fan on Facebook.

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